Want to Feel Safer in Your Home?

Want to Feel Safer in Your Home?

Take advantage of our entry gate installation services in Garden Grove, CA or elsewhere throughout Orange County

You want to feel safe when you're in your own home. An easy way to do that is by controlling who enters and leaves your property. Ace Garage Door Services performs gate opener and entry gate installation for residential and commercial clients in Garden Grove, CA and throughout Orange County.

You can trust us with gate opener service, repairs and installations. Whether you live in a private home or an apartment complex, you'll feel safer behind an access-controlled gate. Schedule entry gate or gate opener services today.

Slide and Swing Gate Services

We provide service, repairs and new gate installs. We work with all types of gate operators as well!

Below are some of the operators we currently install

  • CSL24VDC (slide gate opener) – Technology abound. This CSL24vdc can be controlled with a smartphone, it has a built-in battery backup and a slow stop/slow start that gives the gate a graceful appearance. These openers can also be accompanied by a solar panel for the “green” minded person.
  • CSW200 UL (swing gate opener) – The swing gate “ROLLS ROYCE” of the swing gate industry. The CSW200UL models of swing gate operators are the first choice for homeowners and heavy-traffic applications alike. These openers boast a ½ Hp, a 1Hp and a dual motor giving you unsurpassed power. Invented in the 70’s it is the original opener the entire industry was built on and it is still the #1 rated opener for strength and reliability.
  • CSW24VDC (swing) – Long lasting and technology advanced. This CSW24vdc can be controlled with an optional smartphone module, it has a built-in battery backup and a slow stop/slow start that gives the gate a graceful appearance during movement. These openers can also be run by a solar panel.
  • LA500 (swing gate opener) – The best selling screw drive gate opener in the world. These LA500 Elite models have the reputation for quality, dependability and award-winning design to complement any gated residence. They’re ultra-quiet, they have a manual key release, battery backup, variable speeds, optional solar panels and smartphone capabilities!

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Pick from a variety of entry gate options

Having good security doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. We provide options, so you can get the gate and gate opener you want. You can choose the…

  • Material: we can install steel or wood doors
  • Mechanical operation: you can get it to slide or swing open
  • Size: we’ll make sure your entry gate is the right size for your property

You’ll get the peace of mind you want and a gate that matches your home or business. Call 714-489-5136 now to discuss your options for entry gate installation.